Stippled tree drawing

Jenny dotty trees

Here’s one of my most time consuming (but very rewarding!) pieces. Again, this picture was taken from one of my own reference photos. I took the photo whilst out running along one of my favourite routes at York golf course. This picture was produced with a black pen, lots of dots and LOTS of patience! This is one of my personal favourite stippled drawings as it holds such fond memories of living in York. People often comment that they can see faces and all sort of random objects in this drawing!

The size is 12 x 12″ on bristol board smooth paper.



Parrots by Jenny Barton

Macaw Parrots

Hello everybody and welcome to my brand new blog! In this blog, I will be show casing my artwork and giving details of medium, paper, equipment etc used.

So, to begin, let’s show you my first ever drawing produced with coloured pencils!

Below is my drawing of 2 macaw parrots. To draw this, I used 2 reference photos which were taken by myself at a parrot park in Leicester. The parrot on the right was actually completely bold on it’s chest. Therefore, I simply drew the picture first from my favourite photo then when I was adding the details, I used another photo as reference for the bold areas. I really wasn’t sure what to do with the background so I just kind of made that part up! I’m still not sure if I’m completely happy with the background so maybe I’ll go back to it someday!

The finished size of this drawing is approx 11 x14″ on stonehenge paper with polychromo pencils. Hope you like it!


 Parrots by Jenny Barton

Parrots by Jenny Barton